We know in general where to locate our Chakra-centers. And can go from Chakra to Chakra down and up again, while visualizing or (for those who are not very good in visualizing) acknowledging  those centers as centers of powerful light.

Go, one by one,  from the crown chakra all the way down to the root chakra and up again.


      The palms of our hands have energy-centers too. Now place the hands at about 6 to 12 inch away at each side of the Chakra area where we focus.

Try again. Notice the difference?  Do you feel it intensifying the experience in that area?


      As a young kid I experimented in front of a mirror; first centering my energy in my mouth-area and watching what I saw in the mirror.  Then changing, without moving a muscle, my centering point to my eyes; how a total different energy was visible. (And I tried-out various other spots to center myself in).


      In  Barbara Brennan's book, "Light Emerging"  there are some pictures showing how different people interact with other people from out a certain chakra area.

The following exercise is trying to make you experience  how the vibration of the communication changes when you center yourself in another chakra-area.

Now go over these chakra-points while keeping in mind someone  

And see if you come to a clearer understanding about your relation with that person.






      An other one, which I use when I have to reconnect again with my higher-self :


Hands in Gassho-position. Bring them up in straight-line, opening them above your head, letting them come down side-ways with outstretched arms, While visualizing the aura -rays of multicolored pinpoint-fine, light (energy)-particles.

While doing this repeat the confirmation:

"I am a being of Light, a being of Love, a being of Joy and Peace;

Conscious energy temporarily manifested in a human physical form.

 I and the Divine are One.".




      When I get some slight feeling of confusion or inner-conflict between the different teachings , While holding the hands up like in Jewish prayer, I repeat the following or just the part of those teachers that I start feeling uneasy about. Like :

"Ram is great, Krishna is great, Jesus Christ is great. Anandamayee Ma is great, Paramhansa Yogananda is great, Amma, Mata Amritanandamayeema is great, Divine Mother is great, Greater Love-force Energy is great, Reiki is great...

 All facets of the Whole-Divine.

 As am I; except for the barrier of my own resistance."

And then I bow down my head lower than my torso, experiencing the presence of the Divine-Whole.

It helps me to get back in peace and balance again.










   Focus your attention inward to the center of the skull and try to find the exact spot of the pineal-gland.

When you think a line from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear, and cross that line from the point between your eyebrows... That is approximately the place of the pineal-gland.

In the Eastern philosophy it is often called the Pearl in the Lotus.

Connecting with that point creates an inner-stillness.






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