Mirabai   (1951. 3 inch tall)


 This is my first sculpting attempt when I was 11 years old. After seen the India-movie about this saintly Krishna-devotee, (the main role played by M.S. Subbulakshmi and her daughter ) .




Black-suffering   (1954.  4 3/4 inch tall ) 

    Around that time I was very much emotionally involved with what went on in South Africa and     Suriname, etc. I wrote a poem "When Christ will be reborn on earth he will be black. For black are the people who are crucified..."





 Married Couple  (Late sixties. 9 3/4 inch tall )  This is what I had hoped the marriage would have been.




 Woman communicating with her Unborn.

 ( Late seventies. approx. 8 inch tall )




Egyptian Head. ( 6 1/2 inch  Early seventies ) 


  Mask of my Father. 1969. 9 inch tall ) 


        When my father passed away, this is how I imagined he looked again.








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