What is Reiki  ?

       God is Universal Conscious-Energy and Intelligence (and beyond). We too are conscious energy, temporarily manifested in a human physical body. And we deal with Divine energy, known under many different names like Ki, Chi, Prana, Jyorei, Reiki, Angel-Love, universal life-force energy, etc.


      The Reiki symbols are just that, Symbols; tools to help you focus your attention. If you try these symbols for the first time, they might not make that much of a difference, except by the faith that you have in them, which will empower them more and more by faithfully using them over and over again. The use or action gets stronger by repetition.  It is like carving out a groove. At the first time the knife carves a pattern. After that with every carving-streak this line becomes deeper and steadier.

So, indeed, by us using them over and over again with clear intention and focus, slowly we can build up our capacity of channeling those energies. Through an attunement by a qualified Reiki Master, you get connected to the empowerment that already has taken place with the use of them by that Reiki-master and his whole lineage of the initiating Masters before him, all the way to Master O Sui himself. So in that way too it greatly increases your capacity to work with that energy.



               The Reiki Legend.


       Once upon a timeÖ Master O Sui went up Mount Kurama. After he fasted and meditated many days, he experienced 4 different energies and was given the power to use those energies in order to help other beings to heal. And so he did...

Also he could teach other advanced people how to use those 4 different energies, for the benefit of all beings. Master O Sui taught those one by one, by sending out an energy into the air. Then his students would scan that area till they were able to distinguish that particular energy and send it out themselves. After that Master O Sui taught them the next one.

His first students were people who already had a background of intensive meditation and had build up their capability to perceive the more subtle energy-vibrations.

       Then, after several years, a big disaster took place in Japan. Many were wounded. And many more healers were needed. So one of his students, Hayashi, introduced a visual symbol and a connected sound for each of those 4 energies to make it easier for the more common people to learn to focus on those energies during the channeling.

       By the time you clearly feel the difference between those 4 energies independent of the visual and audile coating, just as energy by itself, you can drop the "coating". Still, that "coating" can be helpful at those times that you have difficulty to focus and connect.


       Some people can successfully channel the Reiki Energy while having their attention at the same time at something else. But my experience is that I have to keep being focused, or it slowly fades away. I keep on "cheering" (and reminding) the energy with my intention and compassion. I have to give myself 100%. That does not mean that it drains me; in contrary, it fills me up to the rim. The side effect can be that afterwards I am so full that it is a little difficulty to come down, or relax enough to fall  asleep. Overall I feel much better afterwards;  unless during the channeling I put strain on my body by wrong posture.


       Some times the doubt sneaks into my mind if it all isn't imagination. But then, even if it is, that is perfectly alright.

This world rejects anything that differs from the common reality. So it rejects imagination as "unrealistic" and useless "dreaming"; but isnít imagination the start of everything in creation, an energy by itself? When we change our attitude about imagination and see it for what it really is, namely one of our foremost divine qualities, via which we become "creators" ourselves, then we can start working with it.




      (Addition Nov. '09 ) They say "Reiki is not a religion". But could I say that it can become a mystical interaction with the Divine-Whole? I interact with it like Mystics interact with the Divine. It is a presence. And can be powerful and experienced depending on our willingness to let go of our resistance and fears. When I "bathe" in its flow, it feels like it temporarily dissolves my borders, and I feel almost weightless.




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