My answers are based on my own experience field. My truths are not necessarily your truths. What I mean is, just take it as an opinion. You will have to find your own truths for your own unique place in this universe.


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      Question: Sometimes the practitioner or the client or both have special experiences. But other times nothing is felt. Does that mean that I am doing it wrong or that it doesnít work?

      Answer A musician practices a long time to be able to play its instrument well. And after that, we say he has mastered his art, and might praise his technique. That doesnít guaranty that the musician in every performance will touch our most inner soul. At the times that he is totally connected to the higher power, he will be so inspired as if a magical force is moving his fingers instead of he himself. And our soul might start dancing on the waves of that music. In that case he is not playing, but it plays through him. We humans can not always be in that state. Our "nerve-system" wouldnít be able to endure that high voltage constantly. Only the few Great-ones can.

If a musician intends his art to be his profession, he canít just only-play when great inspiration comes his way.

    I think it is the same with the healing-art. If you are a professional and have clients, you can not only rely on inspiration. When it comes, that is wonderful, but when it isnít there, you humbly have to fall back on your techniques and learned routine. That together with loving-respect and compassion will do just fine.

    Again  Reiki is letting the Divine Love flow through you to the client. Our capability to channel that Reiki-love increases with practice and attunements. It gets easier and easier to turn on the faucet. Eventually it becomes a constant flow towards who- or what-ever you encounter.

   With or without the "fire-works", it is there where the intentions are pure.


    Meanwhile for those who want to make it their profession, and are not that intuitively gifted or clairvoyant, I still think it would be a good idea to broaden their repertoire with a course in anatomy, or any other more-scientifically-accepted healing technique.


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       Question: Why does it seem so much harder to heal our own than to heal others?


       Answer: Of course the hand positions are in general easier on someone else than on our own, like on the back, and when you become less flexible, the lower legs and feet. But this problem could be bypassed with our mind if we are really committed to give our own body-parts the loving attention needed to "glow".

   A lot of unwell-ness is caused by an unconscious hiding from issues that we don't want to deal with. This resistance stands in the way, in spite of the suffering we don't like either. An outsider is not held back by that resistance and can touch directly the ailing spot with loving kindness, reminding it how to function.

   The loving touch or, if from a little distance, the flow of loving-attention, strengthens us in body and mind to deal with the many challenges we face.  Channeling Reiki to ourselves regularly, just like in conventional medicine a daily dose of vitamins, will make it easier to keep in shape.


   Experiment: Put your hand on your knee... 

Now do it again with the attitude of touching, with utmost loving-respect, someone or something most precious to you...

      Do you feel a difference? In this might be your answer.


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     Question: Often the relieve from disease, pain or discomfort, with the help of Reiki, seems only temporarily. Many times the unpleasant situation later returns. Does that make Reiki less valuable than the regular medical treatments?

     Answer: Not at all. Conventional medications and medical treatments often have a temporarily effect too (and often even unpleasant side effects on top of it). If you stop those medications or treatments, before the body has taken over the healing process, your unpleasant situation returns too. A doctor cannot promise to heal a cancer, but just try his best with the treatments that he knows.

    A healer is not God, neither is a doctor. May be we should call ourselves "Healing-helpers" instead of "Healers." It is a very grateful feeling when we have been allowed to be an instrument in someone's healing. There are plenty of cases in which the healing in the body is permanent. The healings of the mind and of the soul are more subtle. Sometimes, way later, when looking back, we realize that something changed and improved.

    Often ailments can be karmic;  which means that the soul has chosen that condition for spiritual growth. Our temporarily human side might complain and reject it, but deep inside us our Soul knows that this is supposed to be.

We have no right to interfere with other people's karma. So never be on a "healing-mission". Offer the healing energy without trying to manipulate an outcome.

     Also an ailment can become a comforting-zone, a situation that a person has gotten accustomed to, a "justification"-zone to feel sorry for ourselves and to complain. Giving that up means having to deal with the regular tasks this life brings.

     A person not really willing to let go of an "excuse" to face life's demands can not be healed. First has to be dealt with that resistance or fear.


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This page still in progress.

I welcome any discussion or insights of others. 



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