More Interactions with Healing-Energies


How it all started:

    Many years ago, before I ever knew about Reiki or any other energy-healing, I watched at one of the Sierra Club hikes how one of the lady-hikers made gestures towards some plants and shrubs, like lovingly blessing them, Then I started to practice that at home on plants and bushes that seemed to have a hard time. Several times, after doing so, those plants or shrubs improved noticeably.

    Fall 2000, while sculpting Hanuman; I send from my heart-center a beam of Love towards the project. A clairvoyant lady, who was present, enthusiastically shouted out "I see what you are doing!" My excited conclusion was:" So there is really something-substantial going on when I do that!"

     A lot of the interaction between us I did not understand at that time, but after our break-up I slowly discovered one by one how every action had a special meaning or purpose to fulfill later on. Like a lot of jigsaw-puzzle pieces falling into place and showing the broader picture. Under her influence, even after our separation, I started to experience my being-in and interaction-with the Whole on a broader level.

     After my Reiki 1 and 2 initiation in India by Sukirta Chopra (January  2002) I used it daily, mainly for self-healing. And a lot of healing was necessary, especially mentally and emotionally. So mostly I worked with the distance symbol and the mental/emotional symbol. Many times calling on the help of a former friend who is a Reiki Master (In a dream I was told that this person was my real initiator and energy-teacher). And I felt something like the presence of her higher-energy, guiding me.

I did get a lot out of it and it helped me to go on and grow.

     At some times of intense desperation I called on the Greater Love Energy of this same person, and then received a wonderful, comforting, violet embrace of energy.  But I did feel concerned that my connecting to her Greater Love energy possibly could bother her human side.

     In the fall of 2002 I had another experience showing me how connected our energies were.  One afternoon, suddenly I felt an extreme pain in the area of the emotional-heart-chakra, and spontaneously cried out her name. Later on I found out that at that exact same moment a mutual acquaintance had approach her and asked her about me. My friend had turned her eyes inward while answering her.

After this incident I got more cautious in my emotional thought-connections with her.

     In the Summer 2002, when I channeled Reiki on my daughter’s mother-in-law, who had severe neck, shoulder and arm pain on the right side I still asked my friend’s guidance, for that was the first time I officially treated someone other then myself. This client felt a good relieve. Her pain was not completely gone but was much diminished. I think some of the pain returned many days later. My explanation for that is: the karmic source of the pain was not removed. There were still karmic lessons to be learned before it completely could leave her for good. After that incident I stopped asking my friend’s guidance with practicing Reiki; for I felt she wanted me to be more independent.

     The following is an experience I had while I was treating the daughter of another friend. The mother had told me that she wanted me to do only Reiki for her daughter, no Pranic-healing (Which I had picked up too during fall of 2002).

This client was in sitting position and I channeled Reiki on her front side without touching her physically. I worked from the head downward till I felt I got stuck about the height of the solar plexus. I was tempted to do some Pranic-cleansing, but remembering the promise to the mother, I withheld myself and started on the backside from the head downward; till I got stuck again at the same height. Because this client was an adult, I gave myself permission to quickly make some Pranic movements, on which she responded with "oh, that feels great!". And I confessed that I had smuggled-in some Pranic-cleansing, hoping she would not mind. She told me she was perfectly okay with that. So then I went on with whatever seemed appropriate for the situation of the moment or spot.

      In 2002 January I went to psycho-/Physio-therapy from a former student of the Barbara Brennan School, and got in contact with "Chelation" at one of her workshop-days. It felt so wonderful when the therapist gave me that treatment. It went so deep and intense, that after I came home and lay down for the night, I asked Divine Mother to put Her hands in that same way on me. And then I re-experienced the whole treatment and energy-flows allover again and through my whole body. Amazing! This second time was even more intense.

There are several Cheletion-positions (without drawing the energy from the earth), that have proven to me to be very helpful during healing sessions. So I keep on using those when appropriate in the situation.


While with Reiki I experience the energy coming-in from the top, with full Chelation I draw energy out of "the earth".


* * * * * * * * * *


Some more Reiki Experiences with People around me:

     When my daughter developed some growth on an ovary, she did not want to have surgery; for she still hoped for another baby (#4). I did regularly distant Reiki on her. The growth diminished and my daughter went through a pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby. Of course there is no proof that my Reiki efforts had anything to do with it. That is so many times the case when I do distant Reiki for people. The same when I did Reiki for my daughter’s high-blood-pressure and it went down.

     One evening I called her up and told her I had sent Reiki to both, her and her husband, late in the evening the day before, for a considerable length of time. "Ah", she said, "that must be why I felt so happy and energetic this whole day". (In general she is not that sparkling, but more quiet and serious). Great is the faith that she has in me!

     The following week in the late evening, I sent Reiki in the same way to one of my friends and her husband. The next evening I called her up and when I mentioned it to her, she said:" May be that was how-come I felt enough energy to attend the all-day-meditation at the temple!" Before that time she had not expected herself to go.

       I like to send Reiki during the late evening or night when I suspect the receivers to be relaxed and likely asleep. It seems a good state to absorb more energy, when mind blocks are not obstructing it,

     Remarkable was the case when my youngest son had turned himself in for his jail-time. Also he has trouble with addiction. Every evening at 10 pm, for halve an hour I sent him Reiki or, what I call it, healing-Love energy or Angel-Love. Five days later, when he came-out, he told me that in the night, while laying on the cement floor in the over-crowded cell between the other inmates (like sardines in a can) and with a leaking toilet in their midst, he felt such a peace come over him. He came out a transformed man.  Positive attitude, and really trying to get his life back together again.

     At the same time I also had sent Reiki to his 12 year old son, who was very upset and distressed about the situation, and the boy went through this traumatic days much better than expected.


     Another small incident was when I accidentally dropped the car-door on my right middle finger. It was not completely locked, in that case it probably would have smashed the little bone, but enough to show a spot that promised another black nail for four months and it was hurting profoundly. Already late at night and I still had to drive a long way back to my home; so I did not want to waste anymore time. I got in the car, and while driving home, with just my left hand on the steering-wheel, I channeled Reiki with my breath on the injured finger, constantly blowing little power-symbols on it, and deep inside praying and talking with the healing spirits and the Divine. The pain very soon disappeared, and 45 minutes later, when I came home, although still kind of sensitive-when-touched, the finger looked perfectly normal again. The nail never turned black.


     I feel that my body tells me where it wants Reiki. In the night, while I lay in bed, I let my hands go over my body and find spots where the soothing touch feels really good. I translate it as that those spots are in need of some more Reiki energy. Sometimes it is the kidneys, other times the Solar-plexus. Often it is the Soul-Seat (SS point or spiritual heart-chakra, in-between the throat and the heart). When I experience emotional pain, the Reiki-touch there, together with on the Solar-plexus, immediately soothes that and comforts it.

     I experience that sending the energy to my throat-chakra has a lot to do with communication. Because when I do so, it eases smiling to my surroundings and towards life itself.


* * * * * * * * * *   

I have noticed that often the "healing" or removal of discomfort, brings just a temporarily relief.  I am convinced that only if the recipients themselves take over, to clean up their own karmic-mass, can the healing become permanent.

Our role is to stand by with compassion, soothing the pain and anguish of our fellowmen where such is asked or wanted, by our effort to create the right surroundings to encourage them into healing, It is not mend for us to play God. or to take over their growth-process.



* * * * * * * * * *


     Then there was the case of the girl with the knee pain, at a general healing-night. She had a lot of pain in that knee. Regular physicians couldn’t find an explanation for it. By an intuitive she was told that in a former life her lower-leg had been severed from the knee. She told me that someone had worked on her in a Reiki session giving her the feeling that the severed leg was fastened back on again. I suspect the action was trying to bring the energy down to the lower-leg.

On that healing-night, she still complained about crucial pain in that left knee. Channeling Reiki to the knee seemed to increase the pain. A little bit of Psychic-Surgery seemed to give some relieve. Because of that I started questioning the rightfulness of the former procedure of "re-attaching" the leg. (Questioning, not criticizing).

     From the spiritual view I see it that this loosing-her-leg in former life was part of her karma. I suspect that she died with that open wound and its pain. And the pain was so much in her consciousness that she took it with her, instead of leaving it behind with the body that it belonged to. Karma is to teach us lessons. Trying to undo karma by fixing it back into the former state, doesn’t seem the answer.

    It seems to me that the right procedure to help her letting go of this trauma, is by guiding her back to the time she should have left it behind, while being aware that this pain doesn’t belong to this present life and present body. How to do so that was not clear to me yet, but possibly it could just enfold naturally with Reiki guidance and by just doing it with the right intentions.

     I talked about it with one of my psychic-intuitive friends. I will repeat her words as good as I can.

" I wouldn’t just re-attach the leg." "I see a ball exploding in her knee. And a line of energy going up the thigh and coming out of the leg sideways just before the hip."

The attachment to the trauma of pain and the separation from the family in that former life is what manifests in the present knee pain." "She has to let go of the fear of death and the pain of leaving the family behind" Then my friend gave me some suggestions what to do.

     I phoned the girl and left a message. She called back shortly after that. I told her my thoughts and the psychic’s advice. It all made a lot of sense to her, specially the wording of pain to leave her family; for since earliest childhood she always had been frantic about any separation from her family. The girl was very open to trying it out. So we planned an evening in the next week.  I prayed to Divine Mother, for Her blessings and guidance. "If it is the Divine will it all will go right."

     A few days later, but still before the session, I thought about this girl, who had been contemplating about a connection with the Civil-War… "But there are so many possibilities… An unsolved karmic trauma will present itself live after life till finally the necessary lesson has been learned.

 Wounded and separated from her family middle ages…? Europe…, holocaust…?" And suddenly I got like an electric current all over my back. Does that mean that I touched some truth?

     At the agreed evening, the session with that girl went okay. I started with the healing attunement (A first for me). Then she went on the treatment table. As usual, I didn’t really feel any thing but just kept on doing what ever came up in me could be helpful. I even included a little of Pranic chakra-cleansing and psychic-surgery on the knee chakra, (It are different labeled procedures but I do them all on the Reiki "wave-length"). Although the spot was still sensitive, the girl claimed the treatment was very helpful, She experienced the feeling of mass, like sharp pieces, being pulled out.

For me it was very helpful that she gave good feedback during the session, since I don’t have well-developed clairvoyant capabilities. During the procedure we did also some talking about karmic matters, and how physical problems often are related to karmic situations and lessons we have to learn first, before permanent healing can take place. Afterwards she said that the pain was gone. At the end I revered her to Emmanuel’s books*, to help her with working through the emotional problem of fear-of-death and separation.

     Ten days later we happen to meet each other at a lecture, Before the start of the lecture, the girl approached me and thanked me again for the healing session she had with me. She said her knee was still holding out very well and she gave me a monetary donation out of appreciation. It made me happy and grateful that it had been successful.

     Seven months later I asked her again how her knee was. She said the pain had never come back, the knee still did feel a little weaker than her other knee, so she still had an inclination to favor the use of the good knee over the healed knee.


* * * * * * * * * * 


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