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         Joyful Communication






    I was in a gloomy mood when I started this sculpture

So it was surprising when the face came through with such sweet joyful expression.

It told me that this depression was just an outer cloak.

Under it is the reality of beautiful Joy.

    A cloak can be shed if one is fully aware of its non-attached quality.

Then it is just a matter of to be really willing to do so. 

















Later on I also "heard" inside that I should take

my time with this one; it is also about communication, "Joyful Communication.  




   Socializing and communication with others had always been difficult for me.

In 2002, when I was 62, I read an article about Asperger's syndrome and High-functioning Autism, and I became aware that I was not to blame for my trouble in interacting with people in general, and especially with groups.

I was programmed differently than the norm. So I learned to accept myself without guild-feelings.

A year later, I read the book "Asperger's and Self-Esteem" by Norm Ledgin. Which showed me that I was not less then others. So I learned to appreciate and love myself just the way I am.

Then I decided to try to learn as much as possible those trades that regular people learn naturally during their early childhood interaction.

It is not so easy, but a lot is possible.


Another thing I experienced when I gave up trying to act (pretend) like a Neuro-Typical, and instead of that presented myself naturally, the way I am, (sometimes with a short     

        explanation), I gained a circle of real friends.


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