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          Experiences with the Spirit-world

                          of departed and departing Relatives and Pets.


       In the fall of 1970, my grandmother passed away. After the cremation-service, when the relatives where all together, my mother handed me my grandmaís little Cameo-ring, which I had bought her because she had lost all her jewelry in the war.

At the moment of receiving that little ring, I experienced a very cold airflow around me; I think my grandma was saying goodbye.

It puzzles me why ghosts are often identified by an icy coldness. Arenít they supposed to be in a place of warmth and Light and Love? Or is this coldness a state on this side of the tunnel because they still have some unfinished business? So far, only with her did I experience this cold-air flow.

Also I "received" a clear command from my grandparents, "to let them totally go". And ever since then I kept from mourning them or trying to contact them.

But since then, this command keeps me questioning also if it is bothering, or wrong to contact any deceased person....


       In 1997 I visited my aunt Ada for the last time. She was in a psychiatric institution because of deep manic depression, for which she had not been taken her medication regularly when she was on her own. Although I was very close to her, she did not respond to me during that visit. I returned back to California in a sad mood about it. A little later she came to me in my dream in her old-timeís usual cheerfulness and explained to me that during my visit she had not been able to respond but now she could, and so she made up for that, saying goodbye before her departure. Very shortly after that, she crossed over.


        I sensed a strong fragrance of roses in my little place for many hours. Later on I found out that my aunt Rolien had passed on, that same day.


        One wet and cold evening, my old (18+) tabby-cat, Punkash, for a few seconds looked intensely in my eyes (like giving me a message). After that she disappeared into that chilly, poring-rain night.

I felt so bad and felt that she must have gone off to die somewhere unknown. About 40 days later I woke up into a twilight state, hearing a cat meow, which I clearly recognized as hers, and there she was. Her fur looked radiant and thick and full. The points of the hairs seemed to glow. She showed me that she was all well, and there was no reason to feel bad about it.


        Another experience was one time (around 2003 orí04), while I was reading from Emmanuelís  books, I sensed his presence as clearly as if he was seated on the arm of the chair. Emmanuel is a beautiful and wise spirit who "speaks" to some people who have a special gift of clairaudience, relating to them about his realm and how our human existence is perceived from out of that broader picture. After Summer 2001 I grew closer to him, connecting with his comforting and loving messages. Whenever I am in distress I open one of his books, and so far, always have found comfort in his words. It is funny,  but somehow when I open up the book on any random page, the message always is just right for the situation I happen to be in. I guess it is the same way how many people experience with the bible.






          After my little Pekinese passed on in my arms I saw this image of her speeding into the Light. Then I drew it right away in order to keep on remembering it.






In order to see how I saw Punkash after her crossing over, please click  Punkash




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